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Nowadays, you can travel to pretty much any country on the globe. And not just travel as a tourist – you can also study and work there, which significantly widens your pool of options. Being a citizen of the world is a major trend that is not going away anytime soon. So you’d better jump on the bandwagon right now and seize the opportunities!
However, even though borders have become more open in recent years, you still need a document to pass them. Complicated international relations, terrorism threat, refugee problems, and overall political instability make it harder for expats to obtain a permanent residency, citizenship, or even a visa for work or travel. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem – buy a passport online and avoid dealing with the bureaucracy machine! With one of our documents, you can cross the border with confidence every time. That is because we offer real passports for sale at reasonable prices.

How can a counterfeit passport possibly be real?

buy real passports

We sell both fake and real documents. How do we make them legal? By gathering your personal and biometric information and registering it in the governmental database. This way, when your passport goes under an airport scanner or any other data reading machine, your information instantly shows up on the screen, proving that your document is absolutely legit.

buy real passports
buy real passports
buy real passports

How to purchase a passport online?

how to get a fake passport

Placing an order on our website is easy and hassle-free. Within our catalog, you will find some of the most sought-after foreign passports in the world, including:

  • Japanese
  • French
  • South Korean
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • U.S.
  • Canadian
  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • British, etc.

Don’t miss the opportunity to move to one of the countries with the highest standards of living. Buy a passport online and start packing!

Why you should purchase a passport online from us

why you should buy fake passports online

There are dozens of counterfeit document producers on the Internet who will promise you “real” documents at the lowest price. But where is the guarantee that you will not get in trouble with law enforcement once you try to cross the border? When you buy a genuine passport from us, you receive instructions on how to check the validity of your new document before you use it. What is more, we offer our clients secure payment processing, fast production and delivery, and 100% money-back guarantee in case they are not satisfied with the service.

USA passport
Canada passport

Normally we do not publish client’s documents on our website. However, due to the need of clients for samples to see how our work looks like, we ask clients to send us their picture holding their documents after they receive for testimonial reasons. Most clients refuse. So this is a few we could gather.

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