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Choosing Between Genuine and Novelty Documents

When considering whether to purchase genuine or novelty documents, it’s important to evaluate your specific needs:

  • Are the documents for camouflage or display purposes?
  • Will you use the documents exclusively within a single country?
  • Is your budget restrictive?

If you answered YES to all these questions, we might suggest:

  • Considering a novelty ID for cost-effective solutions.
  • Enjoying significant savings without compromising on appearance.

Novelty documents are visually identical to genuine ones and include all necessary security features, ensuring your privacy and security in casual settings.

However, be aware that these documents will not pass official database verifications. For any legal use requiring scanning or official checks, opt for registered, genuine, real documents.

Misuse of novelty documents in official settings can lead to serious legal consequences.

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Buy real and fake documents online

Are your current docs holding you back from personal or professional endeavors? Do you need a clear passport to transcend the borders? Your solution for identity verification issues is counterfeit documents at

We’re not printing cheap-looking fake IDs. You’ll receive new documents knowing they won’t raise eyebrows, as they feature all the essential watermarks, chips, and text for seamless domestic and international check-ups.

Variety of fake documents for sale

Get real IDs, passports, visas, and whatever you need for life, work, and travel. We focus on every document production stage, from initial digital crafting to discreet delivery. Whether you’re after a US passport or an Austrian driver’s license, we’ll custom-make it according to local standards.

Here are the two main types of documents available at

The real deal

Our genuine docs are as legitimate as those you get from the official authorities. The only difference is that we skip unwanted verifying procedures and eliminate waiting times to just 10 days.

Our expertise and new-gen materials allow us to produce docs that meet government standards. Plus, we register your information in databases, making it all legit.

When you buy documents online, you’ll be provided proof of validity and a link to the database to double-check authenticity. Then, you can start using it as a regular piece.


Are you seeking cheaper options? Our fake IDs, passports, and certificates can be what you need. They are more budget-friendly than real ones, as the data isn’t added to database systems. When buying fake documents online, you receive more like a surface-level version of a genuine piece, which is still handy for quick check-ups.

Use them to prove who you are, unlock age-restricted perks, get discounts, and more. They’re like your secret and affordable pass to a world of convenience.

What else can we do?

Our expertise isn’t limited to passports and ID cards. We can produce any document you need for carefree living, including:

  • Residence permits
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Visas
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • And much more

Whatever paper you are looking for, give us 7-10 days to produce and make it legitimate. If you opt for fake documents online, we’ll send them even faster since we skip the database registration step.

Support for anything you’re up to

Our documents open a whole new world of opportunities for their holders. Here’s how real passports can change the game for you and your closest ones:

  • Immigration. Are you dreaming of relocation? A genuine doc can open the doors to North America, Asia, Europe, or wherever you see your future. We can also help with residency cards, SSNs, and other local documents to make settling in a breeze.
  • Travel. Fly from country to country like a bird with counterfeit documents for sale. They can be freely used to bypass border checks, no matter the destination. Need a last-minute visa? We’ve got pre-approved ones on tap. And if your current passport prevents you from going to specific places, we’ll sort that out, too.
  • Work. Buy real and fake documents online to secure your dream job. Showcase your skills and knowledge with our language and course certificates or get physical work permits to meet the employer’s requirements abroad.
  • Studies. Gain admission to educational institutions in top colleges and universities. Impress the committee with your foreign language knowledge and excellent credentials, confirmed by real certificates and school diplomas.
  • Other purposes. Fake docs can act like a magic wand in banks, lending companies, and governmental institutions. Credits, loans, and once-out-of-reach services become available when your biography and documents are spotless.

Why buy genuine documents online?

If you are ready to benefit from a new ID or driver’s license, you may be wondering why you should go with We vouch for every issued document, be it fake or real. Our mission is to provide you with the necessary confirmations for authentic papers and high-quality counterfeits for basic checks.

Still hesitating? Give our docs a try with a flexible payment plan. When using our services, you send us a deposit and pay nothing beyond the initial amount until you confirm the document’s look and content.

We are open to any personal inquiries. Get in touch with our team to discuss your fake documents.